Blue & Purple


Last weekend, Andrew and I bought tickets to see a play at the Apollo Theatre.  We had never been there before and I saw that the play “Love in Idleness” was offering discounted tickets.  Later I found out that Anthony Head (Rupert Giles to all you Buffy fans) was in the starring role and I became starstruck!

I’ve been asked to borrow a chair by Vin Diesel and sat in the same rollercoaster carriage as Nicolas Cage, but I have never felt so giddy.  If you’re really confused as to why, just start with season one of Buffy and work your way up.

Anyway, this is the ceiling of the Apollo theatre.  It is a cover-up for the fact that the ceiling caved in last year during a heavy rain while a show was going on.  I thought this was so pretty and reminded me of a winter night in Minnesota, but horribly out of place with statues of the sun god all around.

The play was mediocre, but we still had such a fun night out on the town.  If you haven’t been to a play in a while, why not make a night of it!?


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