Florence, Italy


My first impression of Florence, after just arriving from Venice, was one of chaos.  While Venice offered up relaxing side streets and long leisurely walks free from noise and car pollution, Florence seemed a bustling metropolis where one wrong step off of the narrow sidewalk could leave you in the hospital.  My feelings of malaise surrounding this big Tuscan City quickly faded when we discovered the hidden gardens on the “other side of the river” and the quaint town of Fiesole, just a short bus ride away from the town center.

As the Lonely Plant guide said, “One of the best things about Florence, is leaving it.”  So we headed to the village of Fiesole, which stands proudly on top of a hill, popping out of sweet smelling trees and buzzing insects.  Here are some photos from our perfectly strenuous hike to find the launching point of DaVinci’s first flying machine:

By the time we got back to Florence that afternoon, I was feeling much more positively about the whole city, and although we had planned to leave agin the next day and go to a different Tuscan town, we decided to see the sights in the city instead.  The gallery below shows some highlights from our sightseeing over the next four days.  All of the things I show here, are things I would recommend doing.


Click on the Gallery below and read the captions for some good times!

In addition to the above and the obligatory eating and drinking, I would highly recommend the Galileo Museum for anyone who does not like museums and has no interest in history.  It’s amazing.  Here is a map of what the world used to look like:


Until next time,

🌈 Steph

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