Blue & Purple


Last weekend, Andrew and I bought tickets to see a play at the Apollo Theatre.  We had never been there before and I saw that the play “Love in Idleness” was offering discounted tickets.  Later I found out that Anthony Head (Rupert Giles to all you Buffy fans) was in the starring role and I became starstruck!

I’ve been asked to borrow a chair by Vin Diesel and sat in the same rollercoaster carriage as Nicolas Cage, but I have never felt so giddy.  If you’re really confused as to why, just start with season one of Buffy and work your way up.

Anyway, this is the ceiling of the Apollo theatre.  It is a cover-up for the fact that the ceiling caved in last year during a heavy rain while a show was going on.  I thought this was so pretty and reminded me of a winter night in Minnesota, but horribly out of place with statues of the sun god all around.

The play was mediocre, but we still had such a fun night out on the town.  If you haven’t been to a play in a while, why not make a night of it!?


Yellow & Green: Chickpea “Omelette”



I have had this horrible aversion to eggs recently.  I think they smell like a combination of wet dogs and dirty feet.  Not to mention the fact they are chicken periods.  Well, enough of yucking your yum and I’ll get to the tasty part.

This breakfast staple was made with gram flour (made with chickpeas and available in all major grocery stores as it is a staple in Indian cooking), parsley, and onions.  We got the recipe idea from this blog.  Here are some other ideas of flavour combos to try:

Italian:  parsley, basil, and tomatoes

Mexican: Cilantro, cumin, and mango salsa

Japanese: onions, mushroom, cabbage, and soy sauce

Sweet:  nutmeg, cinnamon, peanut butter, strawberries, maple syrup




Red & Orange: Holy Bologna!

It was really difficult to find a rainbow in Bologna because as you can see from the photos, it’s a really red and orange city!  After all, it is the home of Bolognese.

Even though we spent less than 24 hours in this town, I could see the appeal of living in this Italian city surrounded by lush parks, hip eateries, and covered walkways.  It was altogether spectacular and I would recommend the city for anyone who loves food.

I really have nothing more to say about it, because again, I was only there for a few hours, but I could tell this city has lots of charm and much more to offer!

🌈 Steph

Rainbow in the Lakes


In the middle of May, I went to the Lake District (again).  It has now been three and a half years since our first trip in February of 2014, but now I have learned a new appreciation for the Lakes, and yes this Island on which I live.

The shapes and the colours of the Lake District change so quickly with little notice or expectation that every hill pass and curve in the trail evokes a curiosity that needs to be quenched.  What’s it like on top of that peak?  What’s down that gulley?  Where does that trail go?  With hours of nothing to do besides walk, there is the freedom to follow a sheep’s path or scramble up a cragg.

The area around Keswick and in the neighbouring valleys were blanketed with bluebells, newborn lambs, and lots of rainbow rocks.  After laying down three of my rainbow markers, with the help of some good friends, a real rainbow appeared right in front of us!  It was if we had performed the sacred ceremony of the rainbow and evoked its powers!



Florence, Italy


My first impression of Florence, after just arriving from Venice, was one of chaos.  While Venice offered up relaxing side streets and long leisurely walks free from noise and car pollution, Florence seemed a bustling metropolis where one wrong step off of the narrow sidewalk could leave you in the hospital.  My feelings of malaise surrounding this big Tuscan City quickly faded when we discovered the hidden gardens on the “other side of the river” and the quaint town of Fiesole, just a short bus ride away from the town center.

As the Lonely Plant guide said, “One of the best things about Florence, is leaving it.”  So we headed to the village of Fiesole, which stands proudly on top of a hill, popping out of sweet smelling trees and buzzing insects.  Here are some photos from our perfectly strenuous hike to find the launching point of DaVinci’s first flying machine:

By the time we got back to Florence that afternoon, I was feeling much more positively about the whole city, and although we had planned to leave agin the next day and go to a different Tuscan town, we decided to see the sights in the city instead.  The gallery below shows some highlights from our sightseeing over the next four days.  All of the things I show here, are things I would recommend doing.


Click on the Gallery below and read the captions for some good times!

In addition to the above and the obligatory eating and drinking, I would highly recommend the Galileo Museum for anyone who does not like museums and has no interest in history.  It’s amazing.  Here is a map of what the world used to look like:


Until next time,

🌈 Steph

Venice and the Veneto

As we approached Venice by plane, I could see the islands spread out in the blue lagoon.  There was a fog that was just dissipating and the plane looked as if it was going to land right in the water.  After collecting our bags, we had the choice of taking a the public water bus which chugs along at walking pace, or to take a private water taxi from the docks.  Hmmm….

Now lets take a pause here for a moment.  In my traditional method of travel, I would try to save every penny possible, opting for cramming myself onto the public bus, even if it meant standing up for an hour and 20 minutes.  But new me is all about the water taxi.  New me is about setting a budget for a trip and sticking to it, not just going on a trip and trying not to spend any money, that doesn’t even make sense.

So you’ll know by now we opted for the private taxi.  Woo Hoo!watertaxi


Whizzing away from Marco Polo Airport

On our first full day in Venice, we went to a fabulous restaurant down an alley (see photo gallery) and it’s where I discovered Prosecco was invented in Venice.  We also visited the Peggy Gugenheim museum, which was a must-see and wandered for lots of hours.

Our second day in venice we ventured to the far off island of Burano, which is a rainbow island of world famous risotto and lace.

Venice is not one of those places you can just show up and eat good food.  Some research is required as Venice is so touristy it has been compared to Disneyland.  Now, this was not my experience, but we had flagged all of the good food and bar stops to avoid eating reheated rubbish.  Other Recommendations:

The oldest paper store in Italy:

paper store

Have a tiny glass of wine and the local tapas called cicheti.

Drink an Aperol Spritz, it was invented here.

The theme of our trip was walk, drink, eat, repeat.  The only bad part about Venice was leaving.  When can I go back?


🌈  Steph