A rainbow a day

My friend Robyn asked to join for my Sunday cookfest where I cook some meals that can be refrigerated and prep some of the veggies for meals later in the week.  Here’s what happened this weekend when I was trapped in Muswell Hill because of bonfire night with lots of spare time on my hands.

I heard when I was little that one should try and eat a rainbow a day in fruits and vegetables.  I’ve also heard that we should be consuming 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  I’ve also heard that we have to actually eat them, not mix them up in smoothies.  I’ve also heard that it’s bad to eat raw vegetables because it’s hard on the digestion.  I’ve also heard it’s bad to eat cooked vegetables because all of the nutrients get blasted out.

In the last year I have decided that I don’t care about any of this.  All of this advice is disguised as being about health, when actually the root of it is about being skinny.  As someone who is involved in forwarding the Health At Every Size movement, I see how lots of things in our society are designed to make us feel bad about the way we look and encourage us to “take control” over what we eat through a series of books, pills, potions, and regimens.  This is not sustainable over time, as people who set unrealistic goals for themselves will fail and then hate themselves even more.

Now that I’m done with that tangent, I will say that what I’ve decided to do is become more intuitive with what I eat, savouring flavors, colors and textures, and actively ignoring any advice I hear about food.  I, like many, was relying too much on the advice of others and not enough on my own intuition.  The result is that I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering the world of vegan and sugar free cooking.




  1. katie fuhrman · November 22, 2016

    Common sense prevails again! Also, I may have to check out Roald Dahl’s Kiss Kiss…..I love all his children’s books!

  2. Andrew · November 22, 2016

    It’s such a great book…very creepy!

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