Orange tea


It’s a lovely summer afternoon and I am reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles while sipping on a hot cup of Pukka brand Three Ginger tea.  I have three flavors in my cupboard right now due to the fact that I have given up caffeine entirely.  (But please don’t hold me to that and for god sakes, don’t say, ‘I thought you gave up coffee?!’ when you see me drinking it inevitably in December).

Oh my god, did you guys know how good classics are?!  I read Jane Eyre this summer and now I’m on to Tess.  What was I thinking in high school?  I swear I used to to try to read these, only to promptly give up and read the SparkNotes instead.  What was so difficult?  Perhaps as teenagers we have way too much going on in our minds and our priorities are a bit different.  I would actually look at the page and not comprehend a single sentence.  I wish I hadn’t been so stupid in High School.



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