Our only Copenhagen

From the moment we stepped off the train, I was enchanted with the cosiness of Copenhagen.  Well, it’s not just cosiness, it’s Hygge.  How can a train station be Hygge?


I am also impressed with Andrew’s ability to find a bus route to where we need to go.  To do this in Danish is three times as difficult.  When I was traveling in college, I was good at that too.  But now I just think, “why can’t we take a cab?”

The flat we rented in Copenhagen was inspirational.  Its minimalist Danish style provided the perfect setting for our homemade Christmas dinner and cosy nights in.  The flat has influenced us to create a style of decor that makes us feel cosy but also minimal.  Our new flat in London now reflects mid-century Danish design.  To get us started, we bought these before we left Denmark:


Almost everything in Copenhagen was closed.  However, it was so amazing there, we hardly complained.  We ate great food, went on freezing walks, and also went to Tivoli Gardens, where Andrew rode his first rollercoaster…ever!  We had such an amazing time.  I highly recommend Tivoli Gardens, mainly because it looks like this:

We also visited Louisiana, the most amazing museum I have seen.  it is situated on a bluff overlooking the water.  You can see across to Sweden.  We then went to the castle on which Hamlet was based.

Because many things were closed, we went back to Copenhagen in the summer on our way to Bornholm.  You might think we decided to fly this time, but we didn’t.  We took the train again, this time with a our pals Anne and Scott.  We spent our time in the Torvehalle and at Illums Bollighaus.  In the Torvehalle we ate this:


At Illums bollighaus we bought these:


This brief return to Copenhagen over the summer showed us once again that Denmark is the best place to visit.  IN summary, follow this simple itinerary and you will have the time of your life:

  1.  Visit the Torvehalle every day for lunch
  2. Go to Louisiana to view world class art and walk around the grounds
  3. Go to Tivoli Gardens on a clear night
  4. Shop at Illum Bollighaus, or just go inside to view Danish Design
  5. Do a little research with a trusted travel guide or website to decide which of Copenhagen’s cosiest and best cafes and restaurants you’d like to try

Some more gems from Copenhagen:

After Copenhagen we took the train to the town of Odense, spent a night there, and then to Denmark’s most picturesque town of Ribe.  The the train all the way back to London!  A very amazing trip, where we had two weeks to travel at our leisure.  Can’t wait to go back!





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