Suffolk Revisited

IMG_0338We just returned from a rainbow-filled weekend at the Suffolk Coast. Some of you may remember that we went to Suffolk on a whim over the summer and absolutely loved it, so after the past few weeks of chaotic international travel and school field trips, a relaxing four days in Suffolk seemed the right choice.

We also pulled out Andrew’s old camera and I think it worked fairly well!

Our trip to Suffolk in words and pictures: 

Rainbows of Bletchley Park

Just spent a few days learning about ciphers at Bletchley Park and computing and the National Museum of Computing.  Here are some things that I learned:

  1.  Pigeons were dropped in little tubes down to the troops via tiny parachute carrying messages.  They then flew home.  There was a medal of bravery awarded to pigeons every year called The Dickin Award.


  1.  WRNS (pronounced Wrens) were young women who worked during the war driving motorbikes in the dead of night to deliver messages to Bletchley Park, decoded messages that helped win the war, and did pretty much everything at Bletchley Park.


  1. Benedict Cumberbatch was not hanging out at Bletchley.


I was stunned to find out that Bletchley Park is not listed in any of the UK guidebooks, even our weird one that has things off the beaten path.  I’m confused.  It is awesome.  But maybe you need a bit of context to enjoy it.  I recommend watching the Bletchley Circle (scary!) and The Imitation Game before going.