Packing in the Fall

I have taken many Fall trips in my life and the above packing list is what I have dwindled down after practicing over and over again.  Of course this always depends on what your plans are, but if you’re going on a standard weekend to week-long trip, this is really all you need to start with.  If you’re going on a long trip, you might want to throw in one more tee and one more sweater, but that’s it.

I like having two pairs of shoes on trips, especially if I’m going to be walking.  That way, if my feet get sore in my sneakers, I can wear my other shoes the next day.  These lace up flats from El-Naturalista are the most versatile shoes I own.  I can wear them to work with dresses or pants, and on the weekends with jeans.  I can wear them with tall socks or no-show socks.  They rock!  I highly recommend all of El Naturalista’s shoes and I own two pairs so far.

I recently added a trench or rain coat to the fall packing list because it’s really miserable to be out traveling without the appropriate rain gear.  I made that mistake in Dijon and I had to wait hours before my clothes dried.

Remember these tips:

  1.  Always check the weather
  2. Make sure everything goes with everything else
  3. don’t try to make up outfits or wear things that you wouldn’t wear in “real” life



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