photo (1)When I woke up this morning I was in a quite a social mood so I texted my friend only to find out she was at Selfridges buying shoes.  I went to meet her there and found this unexpected rainbow of flip flops on the wall.  It’s probably been about two years since I’ve been in Selfridges.  Since my friend has just moved to London, this is her first time in the famous department store.  It reminded me of the first time I went there two years ago…

First, I needed a new pari of Nike’s and Andrew needed a pair of dress shoes.  He needed those shoes because he had a job interview the next day and I needed running shows because I had left my old, worn-out ones at the Goodwill in Portland.  Two years later my Nike’s are going strong and Andrew’s shoes need to be resoled, but so much has happened in between.

When we first got here, we got sucked into the traveling mentality fueled by the ex-pat community.  For example, instead of asking “What are you doing on Thanksgiving Break?” I’m asked “Where are you going on Thanksgiving break?”  it’s this weird rush to go to as many places as possible to take advantage of being in Europe.  Back home, we were lucky to take one vacation a year, and we were really lucky if that vacation was together.  But, here it’s just assumed that people will travel on holiday.

While I love traveling and seeing different places, Andrew and I have been in the mindset of traveling nearby recently.  We have some really exciting trips coming up, but they’re all by car and train and within two hours of London.  We’re really excited to share those with you, as well as some of our trips from last year that we have yet to write about.

In the meantime we’re enjoying spending time with friends.  LIke to today summiting Primrose Hill in the sun:


Or last weekend, going to the Fun Dog Show to watch “My Dog’s Got Talent” and the “Golden Retriever Society” with our friends:


And, I’m happy to say that my blog has inspired one of my dearest friend to have a little bit of fun doing the laundry, even with no dryer, and even if she is cleaning diapers:


And here’s a double rainbow from earlier in the week:

photo (2)



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