Rainbow Roundup Sunday

Three Rainbow sightings!  One from the bus window passing by Selfridges.  And two of them looking out my very own window.  I realized that our apartment in London faces the same exact direction as our Portland home.  This makes sky watching really amazing because with afternoon rain showers in the summer, you get amazing views of rainbows out the front windows.  Also, the moon rises from 6:30pm beginning at first quarter moon and gradually every night becoming more and more central until the grand finale of the full moon rising right in front of our flat every 28 days.

Which brings me to a few recommendations:

When I worked in Minnesota I always knew what phase the moon was in and where it was going to be, but living in the city where not only is it cloudy but you’re living amongst tall buildings, it’s more difficult to know.  I’ve been reading The Way of the Happy Woman which has re-inspired me to know where the moon is and what it’s up to.  It’s essential for my health and connection to the natural world.

I’ve been using this app to keep track (the only app that I use besides citymapper)

Luna Solaria

But I would love to get this watch, instead!  How neat is that???

The glass hanging in my really dirty window is from my dear friend, Bambi.  A few weeks ago I went to her house and I saw it in her window and I was immediately drawn to it.  She begins to tell me how she was in Glastonbury and she saw it in a shop and bought it for me.  But she loved it so much.  She confessed, “I bought it for you, but I kept it for myself.”  We laughed about it, and then, on the first day back at work last week, she brought me a package and inside was the glass rainbow.  She had ordered another one!  Thanks, Bambi!  i’m so glad we both have these.  They remind her of the chakras and I look at it every morning when I’m doing yoga.  See the glass hanging here.

I’m having a hard time thinking of a way to link up the Selfridge’s window.  Hmmm…I’ve got it!  For those of you who don’t know, Selfridge’s is a fancy British department store.  There’s even a show about it.  A period drama.  What else is a period drama?  Downton Abbey.  Who played the BAFTA Awards (equivalent of the American Oscars) Downton Abbey Special two weeks ago?  It was Andrew!  He shared a green room with the stars of the show and had a fabulous time.  Oh no!  Just as I finished writing all of this, I realized that’s not at all a picture from Selfridge’s!  I have no clue where I took that…oh well.

There you have it: Deep friendships, connection to the Earth, and British period dramas.  It’s all one needs.



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