Some random, fun things in London

Straying from the Rainbow theme for a moment (even though one can find rainbows everywhere!), I thought I would do a summer roundup of a few places I have been that don’t get an entire post, but are worth visiting.  I went into work today to gradually try and test the waters, but the work mentality hit me like a ton of bricks!  I love my job and am looking forward to going back, but it is so hard to make that transition from my time to someone else’s time.  Thích Nhất Hạnh would say that all time is your time, but it sure doesn’t feel like that on your first day back at work after a long, productive, refreshing summer!

Click on the gallery to see the pictures and read the captions:

Wilton’s Music Hall.  A beautifully, not-restored, Victorian hall where Andrew played last week along with silent films.  It was magical!  The audience loved it and we met lots of nice people after.

East Sussex Coast.  If you haven’t been to Rye, I would recommend it for a nice little trip out of London, but maybe not a whole day.  The food we ate was amazing and the people were so nice.  The beaches we stopped at along that way were rocky, but nice.  We heard a rumor of a sandy beach somewhere near by, but we never made it!  The mystery man in the picture was the only one who went in the water!

Battersea Park.  Wow!  I can’t believe it took me that long to go to the park.  We have been to Battersea lots of times, but the park is worth a trip on its own:  rose gardens, cool buildings, grassy fields, ponds, and who knows what else?  It’s a really big park and right along the river as well.

Skygarden.  We booked tickets to go to the top of the Fenchurch Street building for free!  It is now open and quite a neat place to hang out.  The cafe and bar is really modern but casual looking and there aren’t too many people up there at one time.  You can go out on the terrace and walk around the botanical-like garden.  This was an A+ and I would totally go again if I have out of town guests.

Overall, the summer has been a quiet one, with some memorable day trips and some interesting things in the city.  Of course, there’s still out big trip at the beginning of the summer to talk about, so stick around because it was THE BEST!

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