What the Suffolk?

Now that we have our car, we can go on road trips!  Last Friday we decided to seek out Dedham Vale, also known as Constable Country, where painter John Constable grew up.  He was well known for painting this idyllic country side.  To brush up for this trip, I made sure to update myself on the most famous Constables, and because we live in London, I went to see them in person:

I have to say walking the 2.5 mile path through fields and across the River Stour was inspirational!  I felt like Constable and I would be friends in a different life.  He was a guy who wanted to live in the country and paint his homeland but had to move to London to learn to paint and to be taken seriously.  We had a few adventures on this walk.  The main was getting shut out by cows in our path, forcing us to make our 2.5 mile trip into a 4 miles trip:


The second adventure was Andrew siting on a freshly made bale of hay:


We thought, “Why stop there?”  So we took our car and explored Suffolk further.  Our first stop was “The House in the Clouds”, pictured above, which led us to the cute town of Aldeburgh for lunch:


After a stop there, we got a call from a friend who told us, “You are in the best place in the world.”  Quite a statement, but we were pumped to continue exploring.  We set our sites on the town of Snape:

What an amazing place for an artistic compound.  It is basically and old malt mill that has been converted into artistic spaces, a music venue, sculpture garden and retail shops.  Again, we were surprised at how non-tacky these little Suffolk towns were.

After Snape, we were in the mood for a castle and a coastline, so we headed to Orford where we saw Orford Castle, a little quay, and bought some smoked mackerel:

Getting out of London is a new concept for us, and we love it!  In such a small amount of time, you are in such a different kind of place. We can’t wait to do more trips like this before the summer is over! Suffolk, who knew?

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