“If I only had a train”

photo by Alan Mitchell

As many of you know, we hate flying.  The stress and hassles of packing, getting to the airport, delays, turbulence, terror, etc, can actually end up being the thing I remember most about a trip. At first I thought that this was my fault, but then someone told be this old Arabic saying: the soul travels at the speed of a camel.  When I heard that I thought, No wonder I hate flying.  I’ve been traveling without my soul!

Now, when we take the train somewhere, I usually do a huge jolting movement about a day after we have arrived and exclaim, “My soul just caught up with me!”  But in all seriousness, the jarring disorientation caused by plane travel simply doesn’t happen with train travel.  Twice in the past six months we have taken a train all the way to Denmark, the second time adding a ferry and bus to get to the small island of Bornholm.  For me there is time to relax, read, watch birds in fields, journal, talk to Andrew, eat real meals, stay hydrated, meet new people, and wonder.

Our best friend during our train travels has been The Man in Seat 61 who has shown us it is possible to get almost anywhere in Europe by train in 24 hours.

You can watch a really boring video of what it’s like to take the train all of the way to Copenhagen and back, with some exciting moments here and there of Andrew and I getting stuck on a rollercoaster and also taking the world’s tiniest train here.

Top reasons why trains are awesome: (click on gallery to scroll through)

A list of the top five (weird, interesting, creepy, and noteworthy) things that have happened to us on trains:

1.  Not understanding how to use the Danish train bathroom and the automated door opening mid-stream.

2.  Sitting next to a guy from Iran that seemed cool at first, but then started preaching white supremacy.

3.  The train driving onto a ferry!

4.  The train accidentally pulling onto the wrong tracks and stopping one track away from the platform announcing to passengers getting off in Calais that they could not in fact get off here, because, “We missed the platform.”

5.  The train driving off the ferry, breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and telling us that the train is terminated.

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  1. Esther Cole · February 20, 2016

    I love your writing Steph. I need the story behind the waitress changing your life!!! Esther

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