Guests in London

One of the most difficult things can be hosting a guest when you live in a world famous city.  it seems like it would be easy, with endless things to do, but I always want to give my friends and family an authentic experience that we’ll all enjoy.  Some guests have come to visit with a list of things to do, while other have visited just passing through, and other have just wanted to hang out with us, doing things that we normally do.

This past week we were visited by one of our best friends who has been to London many times before and didn’t have an agenda (except to see the “White Cliffs of Dover”).  So if you have people staying with you in London, here’s a great list of summer fun to be had!

In rainbow order:

starwarsRed desert at Secret Cinema Star Wars.  After surviving Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back full immersive experience, I have changed my mind about Secret Cinema: it’s amazing!  We spent the day creating our costumes and then took off into outer space where were dodged customs, spent time on the planet of Tatooine (the one with the desert and the the cantina bar) where we met Han Solo, learned Jedi tricks and and traded spices, crystals, and seeds for goods.  Then we caught the space shuttle to Alderaan, but got sucked into the Death Star where we spent the next thirty minutes hiding and running from storm troopers and Darth Vader.  I genuinely forgot I was in London.

rhymeswithorangeRhymes with Orange.  This poetry/comedy/singing spectacle is always a blast to go to!  Our friend is part of this hilarious and poignant group that showcase their rhymes monthly.  The coolest part is that each audience member writes a limerick and may read it on stage to a supportive audience.  There are laughs, tears, and good times!


Yellow punting boats.  Have you ever heard of punting?  It looks easy, but judging by the fact that we spent thirty minutes spinning in circles about 5 feet from the dock proves otherwise.  Eventually we got the hang of it and punted for about an hour. This classic Oxford tradition should be replaced by canoeing!


Watch the Wimbledon Green at “Strawberries & Screen” at Lewis Cubitt Park.  The next best thing is sitting out on the comfy deck chairs in the sun and watching the semi-finals outside.  We had two great days of matches: Serena v. Maria and Andy v. Federer.  Good because they were fairly quick and the sun was really beating down on us.  You can order a jug of Pimm’s for a ridiculous price of £26 or you can bring your own picnic.

seven sisters

Blue Water at the Seven Sisters Coast.  We drove this short drive to Seaford to walk a three mile path to the beautiful scenery and site on the coast watching the tide come in.  People at the coast are so nice and welcoming.  We then headed off to Rye, a nearby coastal town (which we will write about in a different post.)

purplePurple hues at the National Gallery.  I learned this great gallery game from my friend Anne (and I think she learned it from her mother).  Go to the gift shop first and pick five postcards that jump out at you.  Then, it’s your job to find each of the five paintings and learn about them.  Mike and I did this last Tuesday and we learned a lot.  Andrew stayed home.  When I said we’re going to the gallery to learn a lot he said, “I guess I’ll just stay here and stay stupid.”

One comment

  1. Anne · July 20, 2015

    Love this post! Sounds like you guys are having so many fun adventures- can’t wait to join in on some of them again soon!

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