Summer Retreat, wherever you are

(In rainbow order: Snack and drink at Zizzi’s, pedicure at Elysium, Brushes from Waitrose, green smoothie recipe, favorite Yoga place in in London, journal prompts)

I have been reading the book The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover for the past few weeks.  In that time I have had a New Moon Ritual, felt a resurgence of energy for yoga and meditation,  been inspired to write in my journal every day, and have picked up some really good recipes, book recs, and tips along the way.  My friend recommended this to me at a perfect time in my life: Summer!  I have so much time on my hands for the summer, it’s a perfect time to do the things I love, just because.

In the book, she recommends a seasonal retreat, and of course, this is summer, so the retreat is designed to be creative, fun, and even social.  Here’s how I spent my summer retreat (if you read the book, you’ll find mine is lazier than hers):

9:30am – Wake up, brew a cup of tea, write three pages of stream-of consciousness journaling

10:00am – 10 minutes of mindfulness followed by Summer Yang Yoga Flow Series (from the book)

11:10am – Dry Brushing followed by coconut oil massage and shower

11:30am – Pedicure

12:00 – Lunch at home

1:00pm – Went on a long walk and then spent the afternoon with friend by the canal

9:00pm – to wind down at night, I watched a movie then did some really light stretching before bed and sprayed myself with rose water

I am always weary of books like this because some people get their hands on them and think they need to follow each individual step and then they will achieve happiness or meaning.  I like this book because she discourages that and just gives tips of ancient wisdom that feel great, cost virtually nothing, and are not harmful to the environment.

Of course you could do this retreat anywhere, but sticking with the London theme, I’ll make some suggestions of places I love that could be potential sites for a summer retreat:

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