Ideas for the Bank Holiday Weekends

Clockwise from top right:

Belsize Park to Hampstead Heath.  Exit at the Belsize Park station on the Northern Line and find a snack, lunch, or dinner before heading to the Heath.  The best way to get to Heath from here is to walk past the Royal Free Hospital and then turn right in front of the Hampstead Heath Overground station, following that road all of the way up until you reach Parliament Hill.  From there, you can explore the entire Heath.  I like to go to Kenwood House and sunbathe if the weather is nice and then finish off the walk with a trip to the Spaniard’s Inn. Kenwood house

Greenwich.  I’m always surprised with how much fun I have in Greenwich, even if I don’t make it up to the observatory.  The food market is open on weekend so you can grab a cheap meal and eat in the park across the street.  Anyone can peek in and see the Painted Hall for free and you can walk along the Thames.  Greenwich by night is also fun, as you can start at The Cutty Sark Pub and then make your way into the town for live music.

Tate Modern.  It’s not just as simple as going to the Tate Modern. Every time I head down there, something always happens:  There’s a festival going on out front or the RSPB has their scopes pointed at the falcons that live in the tower of the Tate or we decide to stop into the Globe and see if we can get tickets to a showing at a later date.  Not to mention, the Tate always has a new installation in the main entryway, so even if you’ve been a lot, you’re bound to see something new.

Malby Market.  I can’t believe we haven’t written about Maltby before, and what’s more, I can’t believe we haven’t been there in almost a year!  Our first year in London involved Maltby almost every weekend.  This is a must see for anyone who loves good food and drinks.  Little stalls under the railroad tracks house everything from a gourmet deli, to a distillery, to a french patisserie.  There are also a handful of vendors of flowers, olives, and much loved street food under tents in the alley.  Maltby Street 

London Walks.  London walks is our go-to guiding company when we have guests in town, when we have some time to spare on a weekend, or when we just want to learn something new.  We have been on a number of walks including:  Hampstead Village pubs, Dickens and Shakespeare London, Hidden London, and The City by Night.  The City by Night has by far been our favorite.  Just take a look at their leaflet online, show up with £9.  No booking necessary and I don’t think they ever turn people away!

Highgate.  After reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger last year, I had to see Highgate Cemetery.  We ended up walking there all the way from our house, through the Heath.  There are two sides: the Eat and West.  The East is open to the public with a payment of £12 and the West is by tour only.  You can make a booking for a weekday or show up on the hour on the weekends.

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  1. Jen Cloud · May 19, 2015

    I love your website! It is informative, witty and entertaining…love it.

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