The Lake District – Keswick


It is often very difficult to drag oneself out of the house on a cold February morning, but waking up in Keswick to a hearty full English breakfast is inspiration to get out and climb a hill. ¬†On half term in February, if you’re not a skier but you want to appreciate the winter, head to the Lake District!


A typical day in Keswick in the Lake District is as follows:

Wake up early, because you went to bed early.

Eat a wonderful meal prepared by the B&B proprietor, preferably at the Bagers’ Wood B&B.

IMG_2690Bundle yourself up in warm, waterproof gear.

Walk for a few hours until lunchtime until you reach a pub.

Eat lunch.

Walk for a few more hours until twilight.

IMG_2644Shower and re-bundle yourself up and go find a cozy pub for a pint and a game of cards.

Eat dinner at any of the pubs or chippies.

Watch winter olympics and go to sleep!

IMG_2755Repeat each day and you will surely fall in love with the Lake District!