Packing lightly for 3-10 days in Winter

Travelling in the winter is complicated for a lot of reasons, but mainly because you’re constantly switching from hot to cold environments.  I have found that the best thing one can do when packing for a trip, whether it’s three days or ten, is to follow this one simple rule: Don’t pack outfits, just make sure everything you bring goes together!  The items above are what I brought with us on our ten day adventure to Denmark.  Follow this packing list and you’ll be travelling lightly and dressing heavily!

3 pairs of trousers (wear one on the day you leave)
3 long sleeve light shirts (wear one the day you travel)
1 cardigan
1 sweater (wear the day you travel)
1 warm pair of PJ bottoms
1 warm cosy long sleeve shirt for bed
1 hat, gloves, and scarf (I like to not wear these the day I travel so that I don’t overheat!)
5 pair of wool socks (yes you can wear more than once!)
10 pair underwear
1 set longjohns
and the shoes on your feet!

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